TOP-MAX – 90W UFO LED Grow Light Review

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Table summary of light wavelengths that are emitted by the TOP-MAX LED grow light
TOP-MAX 90W LED Grow Light

The 90W UFO LED grow light sold by TOP-MAX on Amazon is a relative newcomer to the LED grow lights scene in the UK, and preliminary reviews suggest that this is a lamp that works best for growing plants. It has some of the same features as the TaoTronics TT-GL05 (see below), which we know works well. In particular, the outer casing is almost identical with three fan ports and hanging wire assemblies almost identical to the TaoTronics light. In addition, the types and ratios of the constituent LEDs contained within the light are the same red (630nm), blue (460nm) and orange (610nm) colours at a 7:1:1 ratio, as with the TaoTronics light. However, the similarities are only aesthetic for now and we don’t really know the source of the LED bulbs themselves which is an important factor when considering lamp life - so buy with caution.

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