QueenshinyLED – 135/147W UFO LED Grow Light Review

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Table summary of light wavelengths that are emitted by the 135/147W QueenShinyLED LED grow lights
Image of the 135W QueenShinyLED LED Grow Light

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The QueenshinyLED brand of grow light is probably one of the more common ones that you will find on Amazon. The company behind the brand is the Shanghai QunXin Tradng Company which sell a number of different QueenshinyLED grow lights which vary in size, power and wavelength clearly in an effort to cater to a wide range of growing needs. All the lights appear to have been manufactured in China (mind you, isn't everything these days!) as you can buy the same lights on Aliexpress / Alibaba. How reputable the QueenshinyLED brand is, is anyone's guess but a recent smattering of reviews have looked favourably upon it, so we are now more encouraged to give them a try. This particular UFO version of the LED lighting comes in a number of different power ratings of which the 135W or the 147W versions are of particular interest to us. The light spectrum they cover is quite impressive with LEDs covering the violet/blue band, as well as across the orange/red to far-red range. Once again, in an effort to compete with other lights on the market, they have also included undesirable white LEDs. All the LEDs are 3W LEDs, which is preferred (over puny 1W bulbs or the less efficient 5W LEDs) but they never indicate whether they are from a reputable manufacturer. The problem with that is that we just don't know how accurate the 50,000hr lifespan claim will be and we might just end up either having to replace the LEDs in short order or chucking the light for a more reputable one, so do purchase with that risk in mind.

Image of the 147W QueenShinyLED LED Grow Light
  • 45 OR 49 x 3W LEDS (depending on the lamp chosen)
  • 660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue) 450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(blue/violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)

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