Prakasa – 90W UFO LED Grow Light Review

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Table summary of light wavelengths that are emitted by the 90W Prakasa LED grow light
Image of the 90W Prakasa LED Grow light

This LED grow lamp made by Prakasa is available from a number of places including Although this light has a number of good things going for it (fans, reputable brand-name LEDs, etc), not to mention the large availability of reliable information that you can get about the light, there are a number of things we don't like about it. Firstly, it includes the unwanted white LEDs, which as we have described before, is something to avoid if possible. Also, a couple of recent reviews on Amazon make it clear that they think the light is pretty useless compared to other LED grow lights. We also don't like a comment made by another seller we found (not the Amazon seller mentioned here) to 'minimise the distance between the LED grow lamp and the plant' - makes us think that they are already preparing excuses for why it might fail to deliver! This is one to avoid we think!

  • 9 x 660nm (6 x 3w / 3 x 5w); 17 x 630nm (9 x 3w / 8 x 5w); 6 x 460nm (6 x 3w); 4 x 610nm (4 x 3w); 1 x 430nm (1 x 3w led); White: 15000-20000K (3 x 5w)
  • Bridgelux / Epistar LEDs

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