‘Open-source’ hydroponics

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Image of the Mini Farm Grow Box hydroponic system from FoodRising.org

If you are the DIY-er type (and you also happen to have a 3D printer lying around), then you might be interested in the 'Mini-Farm Grow Box' concept from FoodRising.org where you essentially build your own compact hydroponics system from common household parts and a little bit of 3D printing.

As an 'open-source' project, the design work has all been done for you and you just have to follow the build instructions after you have downloaded and printed the 3D parts.

The most interesting thing about the kit is that it does not require any power to operate, instead relying on gravity to 'feed' the plants - so once assembled, it is just a matter of planting the seeds or seedlings and waiting for your next (vegetable) meal to grow!

Of course, you still have to do a little bit of work topping up the reservoir now and then unless, that is, you are a true tinkerer and make it completely automatic by adding a mains water line and a nutrient dispenser to replenish it when it is running low - maybe that's asking a little much (!?) but then again that's why they call it open-source...

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