Lighting EVER – 90W UFO LED Grow Light Review

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Table summary of light wavelengths that are emitted by the Lighting EVER LED grow light
Image of the 90W Lighting EVER LED Grow Light

NB: No longer available

2014 Update: Although the characteristics of this light are one of the better ones out there, a couple of recent reviewers suggest that the constituent LED grow bulbs on this batch being sold here in the UK may not last more than a few months, which may in part be due to the fact that the company have not made this light for quite some time. Consequently, we would be very cautious about buying what must now be the last remaining stock available.

Image of an active indoor grow room featuring multiple Lighting EVER LED grow lights

This light is sold through Amazon, and although there is a minor discrepancy with its product listing, we actually quite like what we have found out about it. The grow light was originally produced for Lighting EVER, which appears to be a reputable company that sells other LED lighting products both in the UK and in the US. This product was originally dispatched directly from Hong Kong (the original manufacturer?) but now some savvy entrepreneur has picked up a bunch of them and is dispatching them directly from a UK-based location. Lighting EVER itself sells these and other LED grow lights through its UK website, but we much prefer to buy it within the safety of the Amazon ecosystem . It currently has 2 Amazon reviews and they are both very positive which is very encouraging since a lot of other LED grow lights either have no reviews or bad ones. The light uses reputable brand-name LEDs including 660nm red, 640nm blue and 610nm orange at a ratio of 7:1:1. We particularly like the fact that white LEDs have NOT been incorporated into this product as you so often see with other LED grow lights – if you have read our page on white LEDs then you know that we are not a fan of them. The suppliers say that the light produced is equivalent to a 400W HPS or MH light, which seems a bit of an exaggeration to us for a 90W UFO LED grow light, and they have also made a typo in the product description listing the product as containing ‘Red, blue and white‘ LEDs when we think they meant to say ‘Red, blue and orange‘. Anyway, overall, we actually quite like this LED grow lamp at least for a first-timer who is just starting to dabble in LED grow lighting technology.

  • 35 x 660nm red / 5 x 610nm orange / 5 x 460nm blue

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