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Image inside one of the indoor grow rooms at the Philips Research Centre in the Netherlands

Philips, the big electronics manufacturer, has just opened a research centre in the Netherlands that will study the optimal LED lighting requirements for different food crops, in particular, 'leafy vegetables, strawberries and herbs' as well as 'wheat and potatoes'. It is pretty clear that different plant types have different lighting requirements for optimal growth. Even in our own (amateur) grow diaries, we noticed that different plant species grew with differing degrees of vigour (or not) under identical LED lighting conditions and it was clear that there is much more to growing under LED lighting than just simply sticking a plant under an LED light. Interestingly, they say that their lights will contain 'blue, red and far red' which is not unlike many of the more amateur (and cheaper) LED lights available (although the video clearly shows white LEDs as well!?). One can only hope that their 'light recipes' will be freely available as a public resource as more and more of us switch to growing plants under LED lighting.

For more information, see their press release.

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