G8LED Grow Lights Review

Table summary of light wavelengths that are emitted by the 250W Dormgrow LED grow light
Image of the 250W Dormgrow LED Grow light

A quick word about G8LED grow lights from Dormgrow. Although this is a US-based seller (which acts as the direct distributor for the G8 LED Lighting Company), so not as accessible as other LED grow light sellers from the UK, they do ship to the UK with the correct UK electrical plug. But the main reason why we mention them is because they have incorporated true UV-B LEDs into their design, something that we have not found in many products from the UK. Although we like the full spectrum LED panels, we should say that we are NOT a fan of their UFO lights, mainly because they lack UV and far-red LEDs and they also incorporate some undesirable yellow wavelengths, however, their larger panels have both UV-B and far-red wavelengths which are not commonly found in LED grow lights. Once again, we do have to live with the ever-present white LEDs which we don't like but its worth it since ALL the desirable wavelengths are included, and anyway, these days you will be hard pressed to find lights that don't incorporate white LEDs.

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