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Table summary of light wavelengths that are emitted by the 600W FERO LED grow light
Image of the FERO LED Grow light

Speaking of professional LED grow lights, here is a broad-spectrum LED grow light that falls into that category. Once again the hefty price tag gives it away, but it follows the old cliché of ‘you get what you pay for’. So if you are a serious grower, then you might want to consider shelling out the bigger bucks to get something that actually works. This unit is super-powerful with the ability to pull some 600W, it’s big too with the light covering a generous growth area. It also uses brand-name Helio LEDs, which are from a reputable Taiwanese manufacturer, although not as well established as the BridgeLux or Epistar brands. The Amazon seller is UK-based, which is always reassuring, but more importantly, the light itself was manufactured by FERO LED which is a reputable LED light manufacturer selling products in Europe and the US, so you can expect to get a pretty decent grow light.

This model looks to be from one of their older ranges as FERO LED itself doesn’t sell it any longer, but older doesn’t necessarily mean less effective. Unlike most other grow lights, you have quite a bit of control over the type of lighting (ratios of blue to red) and the power that you can get from it. This is a useful feature if you know enough about your plants in order to adapt the lighting for different growing conditions. We don’t know the exact LED wavelengths used in the light, but it does cover the requisite red to far-red spectrum, and the blue spectrum. So really all we are missing is some UV light that for a lot of plants you can get away without. Unfortunately, like most other LED grow lights, they have also felt the need to incorporate white LEDs, which would be preferable to avoid but which one can live with. As for cooling, this is effectively achieved with 6 high-quality fans. Overall, if you are willing to pay the price, this light would provide a good return on investment.

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