Farm in a box

Yet another company to enter the domain of indoor vertical farming but with a twist is the appropriately named Freight Farms. They have opted for a more portable version of the indoor farm by housing it within the common shipping container. The containers use hydroponic technology, and as we know, this can bring about savings in water and plant feed when compared to traditional growing systems. The containers also employ LED lighting for maximum efficiency. The indoor farm environments are all controlled electronically through an app (isn't everything these days !?) maintaining container temperature and air quality at ideal levels for growth. The Freight Farms's containers are divided into two main sections for different phases of plant development, including a seed-starting and early growth section as well as the main growth area for mature plants which are grown in vertical columns to maximise container space. Unfortunately, the container farms are too expensive for the amateur gardener at just over $70,000 a piece but they may be appropriate for someone looking to get into the business of small-scale local farming. More recently, an established traditional Greenhouse supplier, Williamson Greenhouses, has just announced its own version of the shipping container farm, the CropBox. The Cropbox has less capacity than the container farms of Freight Farms but they are more affordable and can even be leased on a monthly basis.

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