Why indoor gardening?

These days the food we put into our bodies has become a hot topic. From food safety scares to the use of pesticides and other chemicals that might be detrimental to our heath are all high up on people's priorities. Add to that concerns over the rapid loss of nutrients from plant foods as they make the often long journey from the farm to our dinner tables. These and other concerns have encouraged many of us to start looking for alternatives to the standard model of buying all of our sustenance from the local grocery store. One solution to these problems, which has been gaining greater traction in recent times, is for us to start growing our own food.

Growing your own food in the traditional outdoor garden or allotment, however, is no small feat. First, you need a big enough space outdoors, then you have to protect your crops from pests, both big (foxes, squirrels, etc) and small (insects), and finally you have to navigate the ever changing weather. That is why many of us gardeners are joining the growing ranks of the indoor gardening movement, where we can not only avoid using pesticides by avoiding the actual pests themselves, but we can also avoid the increasingly unpredictable weather, while also making use of our limited space more efficiently. By using specialised lighting and optimising other growing conditions, we can even increase the yield from our indoor growing efforts above what would normally be possible from a traditional outdoor setting.

Why LED Grow Lights HQ?

Even though there is growing interest in the 'grow your own' movement and indoor gardening, there is still a dearth of systematic and concise information on and around the topic and on the options available for anyone wanting to put down roots in their own small indoor patch. So here at LED Grow Lights HQ, we aim to provide the best currently available information on the latest science and technology surrounding the field of indoor gardening. If you have a passion, an interest or even just a little curiosity about the world of indoor gardening, LED Grow lights HQ is here to drive that enthusiasm further and provide you with the best information possible. At LED Grow Lights HQ, we will continue to investigate the wide array of options available to aspiring indoor gardeners including the various sorts of equipment available, as well as common practices used by experienced indoor gardeners, and we will even go on to document some of our own indoor gardening exploits as well. 

Stay tuned!

We hope that you will find the information on LED Grow Lights HQ useful but, as the field of indoor gardening is still in its relative infancy and the science around it is constantly evolving, LED Grow lights HQ will remain an ongoing work of love and under constant improvement. So don't forget to come back and visit us regularly to see what's new!

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