Grow Diary​:​​ ​Eggplant

Premier Seeds Direct AUB11 F1 Aubergine Baby Belle Seeds (Pack of 15)
  • Days To Germination: 10 to 20 days. Optimum Soil Temp. For Germination: 70 to 80F.
  • Days To Harvest: 80 days. Planting Depth: 1/4inch.
  • Spacing, Plant: 15 to 20 inches. Light: Sunny Location / under glass
  • When 3 -4 inches high plant to growing position, (container or 3 -4 per grow bag), best under glass.
  • These will not tolerate cold conditions. Keep pest free.
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    Test Plants: ​Eggplant (F1 Baby Belle)
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    Growth Medium: Aqua Vega - ​1:300 - pH 6.​​5
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    Location: ​Conservatory
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    ​Hydroponics Setup: ​10L Kratky hydroponics system

​Eggplant (F1 Baby Belle) seeds were germinated in a heated germinator using Root Riot Organic Starter Cubes. Only one of the seeds sprouted ​ after 6 days, which was then transferred to the 10L Kratky hydroponics bucket containing Aqua Vega nutrient media at a concentration of 1:300, pH 6.5.

The seedling was quite slow to grow at first (possibly due to the trauma of moving it into the new environment) but after a month or so began to grow strongly. By day 68 ​post-seed start, the first flower buds were observed on the plant, and part of the stem had become woodified. Unfortunately, around this time, the nutrient media started to run out, and the ​test grow was terminated just as the flowers started to bloom.

​The key take-away from this experiment is that although eggplant plants can grow very nicely in the Kratky hydroponics system, the fixed nutrient volume of the system makes getting any sort of yield of eggplant fruit unfeasible. As a consequence, something akin to a recirculating hydroponics system should be used for eggplant grows where nutrient media can be topped up and adjusted as needed.

Day ​1​5

Day ​22

Day ​35

Day ​45

Day 55

Day 68

​The first flower buds

​Part of the stem ​becoming woodified

Day ​74 - the roots